Kenmore September Highpower Newsletter

Chalk it up to the threat of rain – why, beats me as our firing line is covered – OR – more likely the start of the NFL season.  In either case, participation was abysmal.  Only 2 competitors braved the mist to show up.  Actually, in thinking of the post-match results, these guys could have quite possibly scared others away.  Chickens.

Bruz Marzolf fired a 485-12X while Bryan Schremp, having been absent for a while, fired a respectable 438-2X.

If you are interested in past WCW match results, see the bulletin board on Range 1 – all of CY 2019 match results are posted.  In the past the NRA had a horse blanket size Bulletin called a SR31 that was used to post match results.  Well, welcome to the electronic age, almost, the SR31 has gone the way of the DoDo and is no longer available.  Now, in rather small print as I choose to print the match results on letter size paper, the bulletin is generated courtesy of Microsoft Excel.  A much faster process than manually transferring data to the SR31.

Our next match, will be a CMP Game on October 13th.  CMP Games are a little different than NRA Matches though most get the hang of it without difficulty.  All the remaining WCW matches for 2019 are CMP Games.  The Games are intended specifically for Garands and Springfields, though the rules permit a wide range of other military style rifles, including foreign and modern military (US and Foreign) rifles e.g. AR-15.  My standing guidance for interested participants is bring what you have, and we’ll figure out the category.  If we can’t – come shoot anyway.  Games are just $20 and if you shoot well enough in a recognized category, you will qualify for a marksman ship pin.  There are 3 levels of pins, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  They are not easy to come by, yet I would encourage you to give it a try.  Also, don’t forget, the club has M-1 Garands to use in a WCW match.  Simple rules to use one:

  1. Let the match director know in advance of the match that you want to use one.
  2. Remind the match director to bring clips for a Garand.
  3. Come early for registration to give us time to open the vault to retrieve one.
  4. Use approved Garand Ammo (available at the range office).
  5. Clean the rifle after the match – remind the match director to bring cleaning materials.

One last announcement, that I have previewed to the Rifle Committee Chair and to today’s competitors – CY 2020 is the last year that I will serve as the WCW High Power Match Director.

If you are interested in taking over the reins, let me know.

See you on the range. George G. Smith