Welcome to the Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association

Our Mission–

  • We are the NRA affiliated state association.
  • Our goal is to foster and support the shooting sports in Washington State.
  • We schedule and sanction state championships in the Precision “Bullseye” Pistol, High Power Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, and Precision Air Rifle disciplines.
  • Please use our website to find these competitive shooting events and the results of these matches.


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Kenmore September Highpower Newsletter

Chalk it up to the threat of rain – why, beats me as our firing line is covered – OR – more likely the start of the NFL season.  In either case, participation was abysmal.  Only 2 competitors braved the mist to show up.  Actually, in thinking of the post-match results, these guys could have…

Kenmore August Highpower Newsletter

Seven competitors for the WCW NRA National Match Course, held August 11th. Two returning from a long absence, very glad that they were able to find their way back.  Two that were brand new to the game. A big welcome to those folks as well, hope all will return for next month’s National Match Course…