Welcome to the Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association

Our Mission–

  • We are the NRA affiliated state association.
  • Our goal is to foster and support the shooting sports in Washington State.
  • We schedule and sanction state championships in the Precision “Bullseye” Pistol, High Power Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, and Precision Air Rifle disciplines.
  • Please use our website to find these competitive shooting events and the results of these matches.


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Kenmore December HighPower Newsletter

Merry Christmas – (by the time you see this article, it will be Happy New Year – unless it is January 7, then it is Old Christmas). Santa came early for all the competitors save one in that ALL earned achievement awards.  WOW! All is not lost even for the bridesmaid of this group.  Klaus…

Kenmore October HighPower Newsletter

Are we having fun? – Looks like Milt has his game face on.  For the record, this photo was before the match – even if your score is not as you wished, be happy, you’re burning powder with friends.  Left to right (no one confessed to being in the WPP) – Klaus Brauer, Milt Schneider,…