Cascade 600 Yard Prone RMC 80 Match Results

We had a good turnout Saturday for our 600yd match, 16 shooters total. It was cold and a little rainy but that didn’t keep us from going to the range. 10 sling shooters and 6 F-Class. Our congratulations goes to Michael Clark the match winner with a score of 594-34x and to John VanSantfort for winning the F-class with a score of 598-35x. 
Sunday we only had 7 shooters including 2 Juniors. We had a great time and were able to avoid the rain at the 300yd line. Congratulations to Joseph Couet the match winner with a score of 778-26x.
I have attached the match scores to this email. I want to let everyone know that the match programs and match scores are also available at the CSF website on the Highpower tab. 
Our next matches will be: 

Saturday, April 16th NRA approved 80 RMC
Sunday, April 17th Alex Parv 80 shot offhand
Saturday, April 24th LR-6 Vedvick Memorial
Hope to see you there!