Smallbore 2019 Northwest Conventional Prone Regional Match Results

Roger McRoberts Wins 2019 Northwest Conventional Prone Regional Match

The first conventional prone regional match in the northwest in years (if not decades) was held on August 17-18 at the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Range. 23 shooters competed in the regional match.

The course of fire was a 2400, with the matches on Day 1 being iron sight and Day 2 any sight (riflescope allowed. On each day, matches shot were:

  • Dewar             20 shots 50 yards, 20 shots 100 yards
  • 100 Yards        40 shots
  • 50 Meters        40 shots

Match winners were awarded for each day. Daily aggregate scores were:

Iron Sight          Robbie Hainline            1198-83X

Any Sight          Roger McRoberts          1199-99X

Roger McRoberts won the Grand Aggregate and the regional match championship with a score of 2396-174X.

Class winners were:

1st Master                                 Dan Erpenbach             2392-155X

1st Expert                                  Robbie Hainline            2387-152X

1st Sharpshooter/Marksman      Garrett Loree                2360-93X

2nd Sharpshooter/Marksman     Riley Neiders                2342-92X