March 8, 2020 High Power Newsletter

WCW’s first CMP Game for 2020 had terrific participation.  Special thanks to Martin Morehouse for serving as match director at the last minute due to my illness.

Fourteen competitors came from as far away as Whidbey Island to participate in the game.  The competitors shown in this photo beginning with the front row left to right are James Huetteman, Robert Shuey, Milt Schneider, and Lee Henry.  In the second row left to right, Travis Allen, Andrew Hermer, Brien Schremp, Arnie Graham, Bruz Marzolf, Cayman Smith, Klaus Brauer, Mindy Paturzzio, and Jacob Nickle.  Not in the photo, James Illson.

The competitors gave a broad representation of rifles in this competition, ranging from Garands, Modern Military, Unlimited Modern Military and Vintage Military.

Nine competitors earned achievement awards per Annex G.  Lee Henry earned Bronze Modern Military with a 426-3X, Mindy Paturzzio earned Gold Modern Military with 466-9X, James Huetteman earned Silver Garand with 463-5X, Milt Schneider earned Bronze Vintage Military 428-3X, Brien Schremp earned Gold Unlimited Modern Military with 486-29X, Andrew Hermer earned Bronze Modern Military with 432-2X, and Jacob Nickle earned Gold Modern Military with 464-12X.

The next WCW match will be a CMP Game on April 5, 2020, which is the first Sunday of the month as Easter is on the second Sunday.

Looking forward to another flash mob for the April Game.

George G. Smith