Kenmore October HighPower Newsletter

Are we having fun? – Looks like Milt has his game face on.  For the record, this photo was before the match – even if your score is not as you wished, be happy, you’re burning powder with friends.  Left to right (no one confessed to being in the WPP) – Klaus Brauer, Milt Schneider, Bryan Schremp, Andrew Hermer and Stan Vlcek.

Notable for attending this match, Klaus Bauer rejoins us as a CMP Game is his Game, Milt Schneider would typically be shooing steel with Jo, who was getting ready for a business trip, so she was kind enough to let Milt come join us – Thanks Jo.  A very special guest – Stan Vlcek, the club’s long time emeritus High Power Match Director, joined us as well.  Great to have had Stan join us as he has been away for quite a while, years!

This game had a broad spectrum of rifle representation, yet sadly no Garands or Springfields.

In the old smoke pole category – correctly named Vintage Military in the rule book, Milt Schneider used a Swedish Mauser and Klaus Brauer had his Krag.  Both these guys had really high scores for the prone matches and I thought that award pins were a given, yet those old guns couldn’t hang with the rapid fire and standing matches – oh so close.  Oh well – there’s November.

Andrew Hermer and Stan Vlcek were in the Modern Military category, about 20 years apart, in rifle design that is.  Andrew was using his new M14 (he told me that M1A, is proprietary name to Springfield).  He had evaluated that the M14 was more operator friendly to a lefty and apparently from his score was correct.  Andrew earned a Bronze Award pin yet was just 2 points short of crossing over into Silver Medal category by firing a 442-7X.  Very good for a first outing with the M14.

Stan Vlcek being a combat veteran of the South African Army used an AR 15 instead of what I assumed a preferred FN FAL.  Maybe he didn’t have the ammo for it?  Anyway, no matter.  After a very long hiatus from the WCW Kenmore matches, Stan still had his MOJO firing a 448-8X, earning a Silver Award Pin.

At the top of the score sheet yet at the bottom of this article, is Bryan Schremp.  Bryan’s rifle is in the new for 2019 category of Unlimited Modern Military.  What’s that you ask?  AR rifles with optic sights (4 power is the limit) and or that weigh more than 7.5 pounds are categorized as “Unlimited”.  Bryan, an unclassified – not for long shooter, fired a 477-9X earning a Gold Award pin in this category.  Note to other match directors, if you have any Modern Military Gold pins, let me know – Bryan snatched the last one that I had.

If you are interested in past WCW match results, see the bulletin board on Range 1 – all of CY 2019 match results are posted.  Bring your glasses, as I choose to print the match results on letter size paper, so the font is necessarily small.

Our next match will be a CMP Game on November 10th.  My standing guidance for interested participants is bring what you have, and we’ll figure out the category.  If we can’t – come shoot anyway.  Games are just $20 and if you shoot well enough in a recognized category, you will qualify for an award pin, hopefully I won’t have to issue any IOUs for Modern Military Gold.  Also, don’t forget, the club has M-1 Garands to use in a WCW match.  Simple rules to use one:

  1. Let the match director know in advance of the match that you want to use one.
  2. Remind the match director to bring clips (if you don’t have any) for a Garand.
  3. Come early for registration to give us time to open the vault to retrieve one.
  4. Use approved Garand Ammo (available for sale at the range office)
  5. Clean the rifle after the match – remind the match director to bring cleaning materials or better yet bring your own.

Two last announcements:

  1. The 2020 WCW High Power matches are already on the club’s web calendar (Thanks Martin).
  2. CY 2020 is the last year that I will serve as the WCW High Power Match Director.  If you are interested in taking over the reins, let me or Martin Morehouse know.

See you on the range.

George G. Smith