Kenmore December HighPower Newsletter

Merry Christmas – (by the time you see this article, it will be Happy New Year – unless it is January 7, then it is Old Christmas).

Santa came early for all the competitors save one in that ALL earned achievement awards.  WOW!

All is not lost even for the bridesmaid of this group.  Klaus Bauer had a good run with the old Krag.  No saved rounds, no mechanical mishaps and all rounds were on the paper – better than that, I think they were all in the scoring rings.  With a 395-1X score Klaus is closing in on a Bronze award for Vintage Military.  Perhaps he’ll get one next March when WCW host’s its next CMP game.

Bryan Schremp earned Modern Military GOLD for the third match in a row, firing a 483-10X – a score that was nearly identical to his last score – the difference being just 1 point to the good.  Bryan was the high score for this shoot.  After a bit of a hiatus, James Illson returned with a rifle that was also in the Unlimited class to achieve Gold as well, firing 476-12X.  Andrew Hermer had a plus up performance from the previous month earning BRONZE Modern Military, also a third consecutive game award.  Not so easy to do using a M-14.  Last yet not least, Martin Morehouse using an AR-15 A2 configuration – that’s Modern Military class, not Unlimited – fired a 451-8X, earning a Silver award.  Terrific performance compared to those using optics in the Unlimited Modern Military class.  Thanks to all for participating and supporting the WCW High Power Program.

A task for myself in the coming days will be to post the 2020 match bulletins on club bulletin boards, though Martin Morehouse already has the CY 2020 schedule on the club’s web page calendar, which will save a you a trip to a bulletin board. 

To save you some effort, the next match will be a CMP Game, on March 8, 2020.

Hope you will join us in March.

George G. Smith