Kenmore August Highpower Newsletter

Seven competitors for the WCW NRA National Match Course, held August 11th.

Two returning from a long absence, very glad that they were able to find their way back.  Two that were brand new to the game. A big welcome to those folks as well, hope all will return for next month’s National Match Course on Sunday, September 8, 2019.  In October, we’ll switch to a CMP Game which is an opportunity to bring out your Garand – if you have one – if not remember the club has loaners – let me know if your interested and I’ll fill you in on the particulars and make the arrangements.

For this match, good news all where on the paper!  Some better than others.  Top score was 475-9X.  Three others had scores surpassing the 450 mark.  These folks are tough!

As I was turning in paperwork at the range office I notice that one of our range masters was wearing a hat that read 2K65 – I asked what is that?  It was the range in yards to a group he fired using a 6.5 Creedmoor.  At that range I’d think the target was a bucket to catch the rounds as they fell out of the sky from exhausted velocity and being just plain tired.  Whoa what a shot – next time you see the hat you should address them as Master 😉

See you on the range. George G. Smith