Cascade February 600yd Prone and Randy Shughart Match Results

We had a great start to the season! Not even the cold weather forecast could keep the shooters away from the range. Saturday we had 17 shooters and 19 on Sunday. I have attached the match results.

Saturday’s 600yd prone match had 13 sling shooters including 2 Juniors and 4 F-Class shooters. The Match Winner was Eric Swearingen with a perfect score of 600-35x, 1st High Master Emil Praslick 599-39x, 1st Master Franklin Behl 583-23x and John Van Santford was the F-Class winner with a 597-40x.

Sunday at the SFC Randy Shughart M14 match we had 19 shooters, 6 of them had M1A’s and the rest had AR’s. Huey Huetteman won the match with a 473-6x. We enjoyed the company of 11 shooters from NASWI team, because of that we decided to give a Navy top shooter award to Jonathan Byerly for his score of 481-18x.

Even though it was a very cold wet weekend it was really nice to see everyone enjoy the sport we all love!

Our next matches will be a 60 shot 600yd prone on March 19th and on the 20th a 80 RMC. Hope to see you there.